mercredi 31 juillet 2019

Golden Wave - Big Game Fishing for Tuna in Mauritius

Another beautiful fish to cactch in Mauritius, The Yellowfin Tuna !

It's the only big Tuna present in deep sea in Mauritius.

They come every year in summer, same time as Marlins, sometime alone or staying by shoal.

The international IGFA world record is 427lbs, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 2012.

The Mauritian Record is 212lbs.

To Catch these very strong fishes, we used differents lures as Marlins, like plastics squids, rapallas ...
Trolling little bit slower, we use same rods, but some on the surface using outriggers or a downrigger.

They are very strong and they are very good fighters.
Stand up fight using 50lbs rods for confirmed fishermen, 80lbs rods using fighting chair for beginners, anyway it,s good filing guaranteed !!
Best season if you want to catch some for sure is begining of March ..

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