mercredi 31 juillet 2019

Golden Wave - Big Game Fishing for Marlin in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the best destination of the world for Big Game Fishing, specially for the Blue Marlin.

It's the best fish ever !
The Blue Marlin is the most common in Mauritius.
Amazing fish from 100lbs to 2000lbs for the bigger one ever caught in the world.

IGFA is the International Game Fish Association, they certify records for the fishes caught with rods, dependly the line used.

The Mauritian IGFA record in Mauritius for the Blue Marlin is 1237 lbs caught in 2007 and it's still the World Record for the 80lbs line test !!

The world record all test line is 1376lbs, caught in Kona, Hawai, 1982.
The Mauritian Record all test line is 1355lbs.

The Blue Marlin is present in Summer in Mauritius, when the water temp is arround 28 degrees.

In winter we catch the Black Marlin, bigger than the blue Marlin all over the world but not in Mauritius.

The world record for the Black Marlin is 1560lbs caught in Peru, 1953.
The Mauritian record is 794lbs.

We use 3 differents technics to catch these emblematic Fishes.

Fast trolling, using 5 rods, outriggers, shortriggers and one center rigger.
We troll up to 10 knots dependly the currents and the sea with plastic baits differents sizes and colors.

We can use real baits too, more for the black marlin.

Live bait with skipjack tunas trolling slower up to 3 knots is a good way to catch big fishes.

The last one is dead bait, using same skipjack tunas, trolling them on the surface up to 6knots, it's the  best technic to catch black marlin in winter.

We use our two boats Golden Wave I and Golden Wave II to catch theses fishes.

I hope to see you soon onboard, to share with you my passion for the Marlin and to catch the fish of a lifetime !

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