mercredi 14 août 2019

Captain and Crew

Captain Vic

IGFA Captain/Guide
(International Game Fish Association)

From south of France, i started fishing very young with my grandfather and my father for the Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean sea.

I am 26, and i'm the captain of the two boats; Golden Wave I & II.

Golden Wave I is the bigger one, 32 feet, we use it mainly in summer for big game fishing.
We use the smaller one, Golden Wave II, 25 feet, mainly in winter for Small Game Fishing.

I visited some other places like Australia, Asia and mainly in New Zealand when i stayed about one year and met the Marlin.

Fell in love of this amazing fish, Tunas passed second ...

I have choosen Mauritius to stay and opened my fishing company "Golden Wave".

Mauritius is one of the best destination for fishing and still have a record for the Blue Marlin on 80lbs line test.

I like to use differents technics, baits, places .. to have the most chances to get the Strike of a lifetime.

I have only one mate onboard.

His name is David, 28 years, Mauritian, he started fishing with his godfather very young too aboard small boat call "Pirogues".

Local fishermen have merit, they catch Tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo and marlin ... with handline !!

David started fishing like that before to find a job aboard Charters companies.

He works with me for almost two years now.

WE love what we do and fishing is our passion, that make the difference ...

Hope to see you soon onboard to share our passion and catch THE fish !

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