mercredi 14 août 2019

Captain and Crew

Captain Vic

IGFA Captain/Guide
(International Game Fish Association)

From south of France, i started fishing very young with my grandfather and my father for the Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean sea.

I am 27, and i'm the captain of the two boats.

We use the small one, Golden Wave II, 25 feet, mainly in winter for Small Game Fishing.

I visited some other places like Australia, Asia and mainly in New Zealand when i stayed about one year and met the Marlin.

Fell in love of this amazing fish, Tunas passed second ...

I have choosen Mauritius to stay and opened my fishing company "Golden Wave".

Mauritius is one of the best destination for fishing and still have a record for the Blue Marlin on 80lbs line test.

I like to use differents technics, baits, places .. to have the most chances to get the Strike of a lifetime.

Hope to see you soon onboard to share our passion and catch THE fish !

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